We are family owned and operated!

KY Mealworms is a small, local, family business. When you choose to purchase mealworms from us, your dollars go directly to a real, working family, raising children. We appreciate your business!

Conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest. We ship nationwide!

We live and work in and LOVE our city: Louisville, Kentucky! Home to some of the largest & most successful shipping hubs in the country, we ship our mealworms nation wide, year-round.

We believe in Quality.

Our mealworms are raised indoors, in a clean, controlled environment. Feeding on oats, fresh vegetables and fruit, they are never treated with hormones or other chemicals. We are confident in the quality & health of our mealworms.

Note: Our mealworms are not sold for human consumption.

Some of our happy customers include reptile enthusiasts, chicken farmers & fishermen.